Year Over Year Growth

Margaritas Bass Plantation & Mercer Village Plantation Center Macon

  “Since opening our location at Mercer Village, we have doubled our revenue and customer base and have seen consistent year over year growth. Our family has three Margaritas restaurants at properties that SPP Commercial manages. They are great landlords for their properties and all of our restaurants are growing and thriving.”

Brad Cork, Owner of Margaritas

TENANT When Brad Cork got married 15 years ago his father-in-law had 2 successful Mexican restaurants in Macon. In 2011 he offered Brad and his daughter the opportunity to open their own location. It was a new business venture for them, and they were excited to continue the family business. They loved the Macon area and were well connected in the community. Through mutual acquaintances they learned that Mercer University had surveyed their students and having a Mexican restaurant nearby was top of their list.

SPP SOLUTION:  Brad knew that a location close to the Mercer Campus, Central High School, and Navicent Health, the second largest hospital in Georgia, would be a winning combination for his business. He chose a space at Mercer Village which is in the middle of Macon’s historic College Hill Corridor. Mercer Villages’ retail and residential center houses Barnes & Noble Bookstore, Subway, and loft-style apartments with housing for 117 students. This sleek, urban design attracted the younger generation and affluent families that have purchased beautiful, restored homes in the area. The Village sits across from Mercer University with easy access to I-75 and Downtown Macon which assured Brad of year-round customers.

PLAN FOR SUCCESS:  With Mercer’s continued growth, Margaritas has become a popular destination for college kids and faculty alike. The professional medical offices nearby and drive by customers from downtown Macon also feed traffic to the restaurant which has doubled their revenue in 8 years. They have become Waitrs Delivery Service’s number one customer with 15% of their revenue coming from food deliveries to Navicent Health and the Geico Insurance offices nearby.

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