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Georgia Department of Revenue Lakeside Commons Corporate Center Macon

  “Good communication is everything and SPP Commercial Group is always approachable and available. We had a terrible property experience prior to coming to Lakeside Commons and now we get a response in less than an hour. It has been a wonderful move for us!”

Margie Bittick, Regional Manager for the Georgia Department of Revenue

TENANT Margie Bittick and her team were in an office that had multiple maintenance issues and a disinterested landlord that didn’t return phone calls. They had homeless people coming into their office, squirrels in the attic, and the office often flooded when it rained heavily. The carpet was ruined and water had seeped into the sheetrock causing mold to form. Their agents had to temporarily move because conditions were so deplorable, and the landlord had no plans to replace the carpet or sheetrock. They knew they had to find another location and fast.

SPP SOLUTION: Officials with the Georgia Department of Revenue looked at multiple spaces on the north side of town, but they were not in a safe environment and did not have the space requirements they were looking for. They knew that SPP Commercial had office spaces in the newer, upscale developments in the area and were shown a space at Lakeside Commons. This prestigious office building was beautifully maintained and in a safe part of town where their staff and clients would feel comfortable. They were able to design the space according to their specifications and someone from the SPP Team was available each day to be sure everything was built according to their plans. With a property manager onsite, any maintenance requests from the Georgia Department of Revenue staff are taken care of promptly.

PLAN FOR SUCCESS:  The Georgia Department of Revenue Macon office serves 25 counties in the Middle Georgia area. Their agents are often on the road handling accounts and their Lakeside Commons office is conveniently located off I-75 and is centrally located within their region. Their office is the first in Georgia to have a large training room which provides a great resource for the other regional departments throughout the state. Their experience with SPP Commercial has been a breath of fresh air and their location at Lakeside Commons provides a professional, quiet environment where their employees and clients feel safe and well taken care of.

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