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State Farm Agency Plantation Centre • Macon

  “Transitioning from owning my building to renting was a big financial decision for me. But relocating to Plantation Centre, one of the busiest developments in North Macon, has been a game changer for my business. We made up the difference after 10 months of being in this location and have been growing ever since. I don’t have to worry about building or lawn maintenance and can focus on my customers and my business. I’ve been in this location for 19 years and the SPP Team has been super to work with. I plan to stay here forever!”

Howard Hightower, Owner of State Farm Agency at Plantation Centre

TENANT In 2000 Howard Hightower was running his business from an older residential home in which he was responsible for the upkeep, maintenance and lawn care. He was also seeing a shift in the demographics in the area and began to explore options in North Macon. A new Kroger shopping center had been built that was easily accessible from I-475 within a strong commercial, residential and retail corridor. He did his personal shopping in this area and had studied the customer base and felt the Plantation Centre Complex would provide the prospective clientele he was looking for.

SPP SOLUTION:  When driving through the Plantation Centre complex, Howard saw an open space available and contacted SPP Commercial Group. He liked that the shopping center was beautifully landscaped and well maintained for customers and safe and clean behind the building where employees parked. Located in a high traffic area off I-475, the development was adjacent to AmStar Movie Theater with Lowes, Walmart and Kohls nearby and was near affluent neighborhoods and schools. SPP also owns the nearby Loft Apartments that offer trendy, upscale living for a new generation of clients that need renter insurance. While a bit apprehensive about relocating, the SPP team patiently answered his questions regarding the space and surrounding area. He signed the lease and knew he had made the right decision.

PLAN FOR SUCCESS:  While Howard incurred a bit more office expenses when he decided to rent, he easily made up the difference in increased customers. He began writing more premium producing insurance policies for newer cars, high-end homes and properties in the area. His increased visibility at one of the busiest Kroger shopping centers in Georgia, has produced a tremendous amount of walk in business and policies for fellow tenants. He loves his updated, maintenance free location and is hiring another agent to help with the increased business. SPP takes care of his maintenance issues quickly and Howard knows he can count on them anytime. It is this attention to his needs that helps Howard focus on what’s important to him and that is great service for his customers.

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