Top 10 Tips to Consider When Choosing Commercial Space

Top 10 Tips to Consider When Choosing Commercial Space

Choosing the right commercial real estate in Georgia for your office space can be challenging. To help make it less overwhelming, we’ve assembled a list of 10 things to consider when choosing retail or office space to best fit your business needs now and as your business grows.

Whether your business is a retail boutique or professional office space, choosing the right commercial real estate in Georgia can be challenging. There’s so much to consider, including understanding exactly how much space you need now and in the future. Additionally, you’ll want to think through the facilities, location, cost, and the length of the lease you’re signing.

To help make it less overwhelming, we’ve assembled this list of 10 things to consider when choosing a space that best fits your needs. It’s about helping you make the right decision now, and as your business grows.

1. Location, Location, Location (A consideration worthy of its own post)

The location should be near the top of your list when choosing commercial real estate. Ideally, the space should be accessible for your team, as well as your customers and clients. Of course, being close to amenities like public transportation, parking, and food, as well as green space, make an ideal arrangement for modern workplaces.

Another consideration when deciding on a commercial real estate location is how close you will be to your competitors and stakeholders. You’ll want to position your business in proximity to your partners without creating additional competition.

We’ll discuss this key consideration in greater detail in a subsequent post.

2. Building Design

The building’s design, as well as the aesthetics within your workspace, are essential considerations. The design will impact how the market views your image and reputation—from your employees to customers and stakeholders.

When planning your design, it’s essential to think about functionality in addition to visual appeal. It is a place where employees spend much of their week. It should be comfortable but still present a professional image to visitors. Consider whether you want to design your own space, or find a fully fitted out office that you can move into quickly.

3. Awesome Landlords

When entering into a lease, you want to be sure that you’ll have a good relationship with the landlord. The best landlords are caring and compassionate and provide a secure, stress-free leasing process. They oversee construction details while tenants run their business—they understand they are in the business of creating productive workplaces that drive business success. Look for a leading landlord who will work closely with you to deliver innovative workplace solutions, keep you well informed, and provide excellent service.

4. Accessibility/Visibility

Look for properties that are located close to major roadways and interstates for easy access with multiple access points for entry into office/retail development. Great signage inspires confidence in your company and projects an image of strength to both employees and clients.

5. Available Facilities

Commercial buildings offer many facilities, so it’s critical to focus on what your business needs. Facilities include everything from shared meeting spaces to cafes, outdoor space, public Wi-Fi, janitorial services, etc. Undoubtedly, having access to all of these services and facilities right in the building makes the workday much easier for your team.

If you’re considering how much office space you need, a building that offers shared meeting rooms on-site can be a great option. Having access to these facilities can reduce the amount of space you need in your own office and save you money.

6. State-of-the-Art Technology

As our workplaces become more connected, commercial office spaces must support an efficient working environment.  You’ll want access to the right infrastructure to support fast internet, as well as Wi-Fi in shared and public areas.

7. Safety

Safety is a big concern to tenants because all employees and clients want to work and shop in a safe and protected atmosphere. Make sure the location is in a safe environment with good lighting on buildings and in the parking areas.

8. Superior Maintenance

Look for properties with well-maintained landscapes, clean sidewalks and parking lots, and no overflowing trash containers. These indicate landlords that are good stewards of their properties and hence will be good stewards of their tenants needs.  Property managers should promptly return calls and emails and provide timely service with no loss of business time.

9. Convenient Parking

Parking is a key consideration. The property should provide accessible, convenient parking lots for visiting clients and vendors as well.  Be sure these areas are well lighted for the safety of your employees and customers.

10. Room to Grow

While it can be challenging to know exactly how much room your business will need over time, looking for a space that gives your business room to grow is critical. Flexibility is key; look for a location where you could potentially expand, or go for a shorter lease that will allow you to flexibility for growth potential.

Do Your Homework

Take your time in choosing the best space for your business. It’s a big decision and one that will impact your future growth and success.  Don’t feel rushed or pressured; make sure you’ve done your homework to identify the services and facilities you need.

Cost and size are often the two factors that drive office space decisions, but, in reality, several other key factors will also impact your business. Making the wrong choice can affect your ability to attract and retain the right talent. It could even cost you customers or business opportunities.

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