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Right Start The Armory Macon

  “SPP Commercial Group provides quality service combined with a passion for others, which is hard to find in today’s business world. The entire SPP Team has been caring and concerned from day one and their consistency has given me the drive to keep striving towards my business goal which is to save as many lives as possible. When I think of SPP Group I think of Southern Hospitality at its finest!”

Violet Poe, Owner of Right Start

TENANT Violet Poe was inspired to open Right Start after one of her former students was killed in a motorcycle accident. She wanted to start a curriculum-based defensive driving school to help decrease the number of vehicle and pedestrian injuries and fatalities on the roadways of Macon-Bibb County and beyond. She needed a safe, affordable location that was centrally located in the Middle Georgia area to start her business.

SPP SOLUTION:  As a first-time business owner, Violet needed a landlord that was knowledgeable about her business needs. She contacted SPP Commercial Group as she knew that they had several properties in the Macon area. She toured several locations and became interested in a space in The Armory Building located in downtown Macon. Built in 1884 this beautiful historic building once housed The Trading Post, a thriving business where her parents would shop for furniture in the 60s and 70s. The building was in a well-lit, safe environment and was within proximity of retail stores and restaurants where her customers could dine and shop. The Armory was in a heavily traveled area where pedestrians and drivers could glimpse inside of the space through the huge windows which overlooked the beautiful downtown area which provided great visibility for Right Start. The layout, interior design, and square footage was perfect for her business needs and SPP added the basement for storage at no additional cost. It was the upscale, safe learning environment that she was seeking for her students.
PLAN FOR SUCCESS:  Right Start’s motto is “Saving Lives is Our Top Priority” and they have provided defensive driving courses to nearly 1,000 students since opening their doors. Violet is proud of the reputation her business has in an upscale, professional environment in downtown Macon. Her customers enjoy the unique Armory Building and often share stories about their experiences there. Her business has continued to grow year over year, and she hopes to continue as one of SPP Commercial’s tenants for many years to come.

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