A Property to Fit Our Budget

Mathnasium Bass Plantation Macon

  “The biggest positive for us was that SPP Commercial really looked out for our best interest. Instead of pushing us toward a space that was out of our price range, they kept their eyes open for a property within our budget.”

Jeff Rucker, Owner of Mathnasium at Bass Plantation

TENANT Jeff and Christine Rucker owned 3 Mathnasium franchises in Augusta, GA when they were approached by the owner of the Mathnasium in Macon, GA. Her math learning center was in a bad location and she was interested in selling the business. Jeff and Christine purchased the franchise rights and researched the demographics in the Macon area to find a new location for their business. Their locations in Augusta were in Target shopping centers and they were looking for a similar destination location.

SPP SOLUTION:  When Jeff saw the SPP Commercial development located at 1-75 and Bass Road, he felt this would be an area that would fit his business well. It was in an affluent area with 6 private schools within 5 miles of the complex which provided the demographics he was looking for. The Bass Plantation complex had Publix as an anchor for the shopping center with nationally known retailers and restaurant tenants, but at that time was 100% leased. He looked at other SPP locations, but there was not a space available within their price range that would fit their needs. A few months later a tenant space became available and Susan, the leasing agent at SPP Commercial, immediately gave Jeff a call. It was the location he desired, was the perfect size for his needs, and was within his budget.

PLAN FOR SUCCESS:  Mathnasium opened its doors at their new location in Bass Plantation in February 2017. They feel they have the best location for their business in the Macon market and their staff has helped hundreds of students in the Macon area become stronger math thinkers. They are in a safe, growing area that provides plenty of shopping options for parents who drop off their kids for tutoring. They are excited about the future possibilities for their business as their referrals, walk in customers, and school connections expand.

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