A Golden Opportunity

Merle Norman Lofts at Bass I Macon

  “The SPP Commercial Group are the best landlords that I have ever worked with! When we got ready to move to this area, Susan and her team helped me expedite the process. We knew where we wanted to be and how we wanted to expand our business and this location was a golden opportunity for us.”

TENANT: Linda knew she wanted to be a Merle Norman owner after she went to work at their studio in Macon Mall in 1992. That location at the time was “the place” to shop for the Middle Georgia area and she loved the clientele. Over the next 10 years, she bought out the current owner at the Macon Mall store and also opened 2 more Merle Norman Studios in Perry and Macon. Because of safety concerns and difficulties in finding employees, she closed her Mall and Perry locations. While her Macon location was growing Linda had no room for expansion so in 2014 she started looking for a new location.

SPP SOLUTION:  When Linda called SPP Commercial Group, she was packed into a 1,200 sq. ft. location with no room for growth. She was shown several choices and chose a location at The Lofts at Bass I that was 40% larger than her existing space. Prominently located in affluent North Macon, the Lofts at Bass I is a mixed-use development consisting of high-end residential loft apartments on the upper floors and office, retail and restaurants on the ground floor. The center is within walking distance of Publix, many national franchises and local restaurants and provided Linda the clientele she was looking for. The SPP Commercial Team gave her parameters to work within and she spent her vacation drawing out her plans for her new space.

PLAN FOR SUCCESS:  After three years in the new location, the Merle Norman Studio has grown 20% year over year. Linda loves her new location in an affluent, upscale area that is safe for her clients and employees. Her beautiful Merle Norman Studio was built with her specifications in mind and provides an atmosphere where her customers feel pampered and cared for. The high-end Loft Apartments, trendy boutiques, Publix shopping center, and professional office buildings nearby have provided hundreds of new clients for her business.

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