SPP commercial Group is a commercial real estate company in Macon, Georgia. Founded in 1984 we are a family owned and operated business specializing in retail and commercial leasing and development. We take pride in helping our clients plan and execute results-driven real estate transactions through well-informed, hands-on commercial real estate services. Regardless of size, we help companies create value and increase their impact on customers.

The company and the vast majority of our properties are located in Macon, Georgia along heavily traveled corridors that are concentrated within stable and well-established areas with outstanding demographics. We support a long list of local and regional commercial real estate properties with ample office space for rent in Macon, GA.

Family is the foundation of our business. We value our tenants and view our clients as partners. At SPP Commercial, we strive to leverage our market knowledge and experience to deliver clients the best experience possible through clean communication, timely response, and honest and discerning advice.

Our committed team of Macon commercial property leasing and management professionals aim not only to facilitate successful real estate operations but also to create meaningful and long-lasting relationships. Our dedicated team enables us to provide in-house resources to efficiently and effectively execute various transactions, including leasing, sales, space planning, and construction. 

SPP Commercial Group was the first to bring the "live, work, play" concept in a mixed-use development to better meet the demand and preferences of a new generation of consumers and workers. Our vision is what makes SPP Commercial Group stand apart not only in the Macon commercial real estate market but throughout the region. We are passionate and building something great.